Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City

Location: Lahore By-pass Road near Kala Shah Kaku
Plot Type: Commercial & Residential
Booking starts from PKR 268,500

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Lahore Smart City Official

Lahore Smart City is the Pakistan’s second Smart City project. The City of Gardens provides an exciting investment opportunity in this successful project!

Lahore Smart City is a revolutionary real estate development project near Kala Shah Kaku on the Lahore By-pass Road. This innovative initiative is on track to become Pakistan’s second smart city, according to worldwide norms for smart city infrastructure development.

Lahore smart city located at its heart that incorporates eco-friendly and sustainable urban development, which is seamlessly networked via digital technology. Lahore Smart City aims to offer people all of the necessary community services while encouraging sustainable urban living.

The Smart City Lahore is more than just a real estate project; it is an idea of a future modern and environmentally friendly city. Its smart city architecture makes it a wonderful alternative for modern-day residents.

Smart City Lahore

Lahore Smart City Developers and Owners

Future Development Holdings (Pvt) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited drive the Smart Lahore City project. These two well-known Pakistani real estate developers are known for their skills and diverse portfolios.

Future Development Holdings (FDHL)

Future Development Holdings (FDHL) is a renowned asset management and real estate development firm in Pakistan, devoted to building new smart cities that provide its clients with both luxurious living and financial rewards. FDHL is a national and worldwide partnership under the Companies Ordinance of 1984.

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited is another famous construction business in Pakistan with a five-decade track record of award-winning engineering and building projects. Their dedication to customer needs and quality work make them successful.

Surbana Jurong (SJ)

Lahore Smart City’s visionary leader is an infrastructure developer, Surbana Jurong (SJ). SJ, founded in 2015 and government-owned, adds worldwide experience to this unique project.

Lahore Smart City NOC

Lahore Smart City has the coveted title of being a registered housing society with the Lahore Development Authority’s (LDA) permission. This No Objection Certificate (NOC) guarantees occupants access to basic utilities like water, gas, and electricity, making it a safe and legally compliant investment option.

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Major Amenities​

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

 A spectacular prayer site, the Grand Mosque provides citizens with calm and spirituality.



Top-tier healthcare ensures residents’ well-being and peace of mind in Lahore Smart City.

Education City

Education City

A center of learning, Education City is home to several high-quality educational institutions.

Financial Square

Financial Square

A place where lots of business and trading opportunities can be found.



A high-tech surveillance system ensures inhabitants’ and their property’s safety.



The Bus Rapid Transit system provides quick and accessible public transportation.

Load Shadding Free Enviroment

Load Shedding Free Environment

A steady electricity source ensures that life is easy and comfortable.


Automatic Traffic Control

Efficient traffic systems ensure seamless city commutes within Lahore Smart City’s boundaries.

Best Features of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City has countless features that will make it stand out as a top-tier real estate project. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and trees, making it a peaceful place to stay close to the city. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has said it is a safe business that follows the law. Residents and tourists are safe because the city has a cutting-edge tracking system. An underground energy grid with backup generators ensures that power is always on. The main 200-foot-long walkway, lined with plants, adds to the grand atmosphere. For families, Lahore Smart City is a great place to live because it has great schools where kids can learn a lot.

  • Fast Internet: High-speed internet and modern communication networks.
  • Efficient Transport: Easy commuting with bus rapid transit and smart traffic management.
  • Green Living: Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes and buildings.
  • Healthcare & Education: Access to healthcare facilities and top educational institutions.
  • Smart App: Stay informed with a user-friendly app for traffic, weather, and electricity updates.
  • Green Spaces: Relax in parks and open areas.
  • Eco-Friendly: Emphasis on recycling and sustainability in waste management.
  • Safety First: Quick response systems for emergencies like fires and medical services.
  • Security: 24/7 security and surveillance for your peace of mind.
  • Community Amenities: Enjoy community centers and sports facilities.


Please note that the list of facilities and features may change as the project advances, but the goal is to create a sustainable and technologically advanced city.

Booking Procedure for Lahore Smart City

Purchasing a land in Lahore Smart City is a simple process that allows you to realize your goal of owning property in this prominent development. Here’s how to reserve your plot:

Consultation: Contact us to learn about Lahore Smart City’s features, location, and investment potential.

Documentation: Gather the necessary documentation, including two passport-size pictures and copies of your CNIC and the CNIC of your nominee.

Booking Form: Fill out the booking form with the assistance of your Asset Manager.

Payment: Attach the payment instrument recommended by your Asset Manager, and your plot will be reserved in your name. Our staff will efficiently manage any additional formalities.

Lahore Smart City E-Tracking

You can track online bookings from the official website of Lahore Smart City.

Lahore Smart City E-Tracking

Master Plan for Lahore Smart City

Master plan of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City’s master plan is the blueprint that outlines the development and structure of this huge project. It establishes the groundwork for a contemporary and sustainable urban community that incorporates many facets of urban living. Let’s go into the meat of this master plan.

Planning Expertise

Smart City Lahore’s master plan was created with Surbana Jurong (SJ), a prominent Singapore-based consultant firm. Their multinational urban planning background lends a global perspective to this local endeavor.

Design by Norman Foster

Norman Foster, a worldwide famous designer, has added a touch of architectural brilliance to the idea. His inventiveness guarantees that Lahore Smart City is functional and visually appealing.

Diverse Housing Options

The master plan includes a variety of housing choices to accommodate varied population densities. This variety allows inhabitants to select from various home sizes and styles, assuring a great match for their preferences.

Total Land Area

Smart City has an immense geographical area of 20,000 Kanals. This large area allows for the creation of a vibrant and well-planned community.

Residential Blocks

The management has initially built two separate blocks within Lahore Smart City.

Executive Block

The Executive Block is designed for investors wanting a modern and easy living, and it delivers modern comforts that improve daily life. Plots are offered in various sizes ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal, allowing options for diverse family sizes and demands.

Overseas Block

The Overseas Block is reserved for overseas investors and Pakistanis residing abroad, and is designed to satisfy the specific needs of this group. It provides maximum security and is an excellent investment opportunity. Like the Executive Block, plots come in sizes ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal.

This master plan assures that Lahore Smart City is more than just a housing society but a well-planned urban development that meets the different demands of its citizens. Whether you choose a sophisticated lifestyle in the Executive Block or a safe investment in the Overseas Block, Lahore Smart City has a house for everyone.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan 2023

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan for 2023 is designed to simplify your journey to owning your dream property. With a flexible installment structure, you can make payments in manageable amounts over an extended period.

This plan mainly focus and prioritize your needs, offering options for down payments, installments, and other charges, ensuring transparency and accessibility.

Discover the perfect plan for your investment in this innovative, sustainable, and well-planned city, featuring both residential and commercial plots. Detailed information about previous payment plans for Lahore Smart City is also available.

Lahore Smart City Residential & Commercial Plots

Lahore Smart City is enticed with a comprehensive range of residential and commercial plots that appeal to a wide range of aspirations and investment objectives. Investigate the chances that await you in this vibrant metropolitan environment.

Residential Plots:

Lahore Smart City Pakistan offers residents a new way of life. There are several types of residences in residential blocks to accommodate the demands of both families and single persons.

These plots are spacious and comfortable, with contemporary kitchens, baths, and large windows that allow in natural light.

The apartment buildings we offer here contain all of the necessary services and amenities you require. Choose a house from the list below that meets your requirements:

  • Overseas Block
  • Executive Block
  • Harmony Park

Explore your ideal living space at Lahore Smart City.

Overseas Block Residential

The Overseas Block in Lahore Smart City is home to both Pakistanis and foreigners who live overseas. It benefits business fields, as illustrated below. Its services and features are tailored to each group’s requirements, making life easier and more pleasant.

Overseas Block Payment Plan
Lahore Smart city overseas Payment Plan

Overseas Prime(Ex Sector A and B)

Sectors A and B of the Overseas Prime housing complex were constructed by well-known builders and developers, and they are both safe and profitable places to put your money. There are modern conveniences, improved amenities, and a calm way of life.

Sector A is fully equipped, while Sector B is nearly completed, with the developers giving over their keys. Many developers are constructing residences. Overseas Prime (Ex Sector A and B) Allotment and Possession took place at the site on December 24, 2022.

Location of Overseas Prime

Overseas Prime is located near Lahore’s Smart City Main Boulevard. Both locals and purchasers respect this challenging block since it is in a terrific location.

Overseas Prime Plot Sizes

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


Overseas One

Overseas Block has been renamed Overseas One. It is near to Global Village and the heart of Lahore. Overseas 1 in Lahore Smart City provides a unique living environment for both Pakistanis and visitors.

On June 10, 2023, one vote was conducted in Overseas Lahore Smart City. For the sake of transparency, all balloting’s was done online and via the Internet of Things.

Executive Block

People who want to improve their lifestyle can purchase plots of land in the Executive Block of Lahore Smart City and build modern homes or massive mansions. The abundance of outdoor space improves the overall appearance of the property. Apartments, houses, shops, parks, jogging tracks, and a convenient grocery store are available in Lahore Smart City’s Executive Block.

The Executive Block is a truly impressive structure that not only offers excellent living options but also serves as an excellent place to work. It contributes to making the community a safer and friendlier place to live. The Executive Block provides a safe and clean environment for families to unwind. Security is present 24 hours a day to keep you safe.

Executive Block Location

The Executive Block in Lahore Smart City is accessible via Chak No. 44 Road. This neighborhood is adjacent to Overseas.

Executive Block Plots Size

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
Executive Block Payment Plan
LSC Executive Block Payment Plan

Executive One

The activation of Executive Zone 1 is rapidly approaching, and the voting process will begin near Boulevard Heights. This means that residents and investors will soon be able to design their ideal homes. The management has released information about the voting for the LSC Executive 1 Block, which will begin on June 10, 2023.

Harmony Park (3.5 Marla Residential)

On June 10, 2023, Harmony Park in Lahore Smart City launched. This block offers 3.5 marla residential  plots, making it an excellent opportunity for first-time buyers or those looking to build their dream home in a well-planned, modern community. Harmony Park is intended to make family life easier and more enjoyable by providing a peaceful environment in addition to all of the smart city amenities.

Harmony Park Location

Harmony Park’s residential plots are conveniently positioned near the Main Boulevard in Lahore Smart Housing.

3.5 Marla Harmony Park Payment Plan
LSC Harmony Park Payment Plan

Lahore Smart City Commercial Blocks

Developers have made a payment plan available for company plots for sale. Smart City firms are currently offering 2.66 and 6 Marla company plots for sale. These plots provide a variety of advantages.

Individuals and corporations alike can profit greatly from investing in these plots. Examine the following LSC blocks for profitable opportunities:

  • Commercial Overseas Block
  • Commercial Executive Block

Commercial Overseas Block

The developers have devised a new method of paying for commercial plots of various sizes in LSC:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla


Commercial Overseas Block Payment Plan
LSC Commercial Overseas Block

Commercial Executive Block

Commercial block plot sizes are in the following sizes.

  • 2.66 Marla
  • 06 Marla


Commercial Executive Block  Payment Plan

LSC Commercial Executive Blocks

Lahore Smart City Other Districts

Lahore Smart City is thoughtfully divided into multiple districts to cater to diverse needs and interests:

1. Healthcare District

In the Healthcare District, you’ll find state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, dedicated to ensuring the well-being of the community.

2. Sports Block

The Sports Block is where sports enthusiasts can thrive. It offers top-notch sporting facilities, including stadiums and a sports academy, creating a comprehensive and active lifestyle.

3. Education Block

The Education Block is all about learning. With prestigious universities, colleges, and schools, it’s a hub for intellectual growth and educational excellence.

4. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley represents innovation. Here, you’ll discover IT campuses, corporate offices, and modern residential apartments, fostering technology-driven progress.

5. Gate Precinct

Adjacent to the Central Business and Silicon Valley sectors, the Gate Precinct offers investment opportunities and luxurious hotels for a premium living experience.

6. Lahore Theme Park

A thrilling destination, Lahore Theme Park features Pakistan’s largest Ferris wheel and a host of amenities, making it a prime attraction for visitors.

7. Food Tech Valley

Food Tech Valley utilizes modern technology to produce chemical and pesticide-free food. It’s a collaborative effort between companies from Dubai and Singapore, promoting sustainability.

8. Lahore Bus Terminal

A convenient bus stop aids residents in commuting within and outside the housing scheme, with future plans for an accessible market crossing.

9. Downtown Lahore

Downtown Lahore is a bustling business district with commercial plots for sale, presenting investment opportunities in a vibrant hub of commerce.

10. Boulevard Heights

Boulevard Heights is a distinctive commercial district, providing a range of business opportunities. It’s located near Downtown Lahore, creating a thriving business environment.

Lahore Smart City Location

One of the primary advantages of Lahore Smart City is its strategic position. It is linked by critical road networks like the Lahore Bypass Road, the N5 GT Road, and the Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M2). Its accessibility attracts investors seeking mid- to long-term profits. This map and geographical information will help you reach this vibrant town.

Lahore Smart City Location

Access Points:

At Lahore Smart City, you’re at the center of it all. Enjoy a serene living environment with effortless access to key routes:

  • Just 4 minutes from GT Road.
  • A mere 5-minute drive from M-2 Motorway.
  • Connect to Lahore Ring Road L-20 in about 22 minutes.
  • Conveniently located 10 minutes away from M-11 Motorway.
  • Swift access to Lahore-Sargodha Road, a short 11-minute drive.
  • Only 8 minutes from Hardosohal Muslim Road.
  • Reach Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road, Sheikhupura in just 5 minutes.

Lahore Smart City Map

Lahore Smart City enjoys a strategic location that offers easy access and exceptional connectivity:

Situated near Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore Bypass provides a vital gateway. The property of Lahore Smart City is positioned linearly, connecting Lahore-Sialkot Motorway to GT Road.

Smart City Lahore map is easily accessible from various key locations. Lahore Bypass grants direct access to Lahore Ring Road, a central route connecting the entire city. Notably, in August 2023, NHA approved access to Lahore Smart City from Ring Road, further bolstering the project’s credibility.

The convenience of Allama Iqbal International Airport is just a short distance away.

Nearby Landmarks

Rana Town

Lahore Smart City’s location is a remarkable asset for your real estate investment.

Investment Benefits in Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City offers numerous investment benefits:

Robust Economic Growth: Commercial areas and business opportunities are expected to drive economic growth and job creation.

Sustainable Development: The project focuses on sustainability, incorporating green spaces and renewable energy sources.

Growing Real Estate Market: Expansion is set to boost the local real estate market, providing attractive investment opportunities.

Convenient Location: Its strategic location near Lahore’s major hubs offers easy access to the city’s attractions.

Robust Features: The project offers smart and sustainable development with homes designed for comfort and luxury.

Multipurpose Hub: Lahore City Smart plays a crucial role as a business center, offering economic, health, commercial, and recreational opportunities.

Smart Investments: Investment here presents numerous opportunities for potential buyers, creating a secure future.

Iconic Lifestyle: Enjoy a high-standard lifestyle with modern design and amenities.

Improved Infrastructure: State-of-the-art infrastructure and community facilities enhance the overall living experience.

High-Quality Living Standards: Smart Villas and residential blocks offer high-quality living standards with modern amenities and secure gated communities.

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